PrePress Pitstop

PrePress Pitstop

We have an FTP server that allows you to drop your digital files off. This means that you can send any size file to us. You can only access this through an FTP client.

FTP Software

For those of you who do not have FTP software, the following FTP applications are available. Please note: we do not support these programs, we are only linking to them for your convenience.

Windows XP:

Drop Off Instructions

These are instructions for sending files coming to Rodman Publishing.

Log on using the following information:
Username: rodman
Password: guest
Once you are logged on, go into the folder named ‘Dropoff’. Then navigate into the folder of the corresponding Magazine (see magazine codes listed below). These files must be “Stuffed” (Mac) or “Zipped” (PC).
Pick Up Instructions:

These are instructions for picking up files from Rodman Publishing.

Log on using the following information:
Username: downloadguest
Password: namdor
Once you are logged on using the information here, you can drag a file from the folder of the corresponding Magazine in the Pickup folder.
Contact Information:

The FTP Server is great for large files and for those of you who want to ensure that we have received your files. Please understand we still need to receive a hard copy proof to ensure proper receipt of the file data. To be sure that the materials are received, you should contact your Production Manager for the Magazine you are submitting the ad for.

Happi, Pharma Bio Ingredients (PBI)

Sharon Messner -
201-825-2552 ext. 324

Label and Narrow Web (LNW)
Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO)
Nonwovens Industry (NON)
Nutraceutical World (NUT)

Cheryl Coviello -
201-825-2552 ext. 330

Beauty Packaging (CPD), Contract Pharma (CPM)

Lisa St. Charles -
201-825-2552 ext. 350

Coatings World (CWM), Ink World (INK)

201-825-2552 ext. 321