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Printed Electronics Now is a magazine, weekly e-newsletter and online publication devoted to the fast growing field of electronic products created through printing and other roll-to-roll or sheetfed manufacturing processes, an emerging industry that promises to revolutionize the methods in which electronic components and systems are manufactured. We bring our readers the latest industry news and relevant information via our online exclusives, features, breaking news segments, and much more.

Printed Electronics Now covers sensors, displays and lighting, medical devices, smart cards and packaging, RFID and NFCenabled devices, wearables, solar cells, batteries, military equipment and much more. In the near future, the world will be treated to displays on packages, on pharmaceuticals that remind users when to take the drugs, more advanced electronic readers, flexible dashboard displays in vehicles, printed solar panels, and disposable devices that promise to revolutionize medical testing.

Online Editorial Coverage is updated daily to deliver fresh breaking news as it happens. In addition, online exclusives, expert opinions, video interviews, blog posts and webinars provide the best coverage of the industry and give our readers and advertisers reasons to come back for more! also delivers all the great content from the print publication, including all feature articles, newsmaker interviews, columnist opinions, and news departments!